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The Hazmat 101 NewsTM is a monthly email newsletter packed with current information and tools about hazardous materials (AKA dangerous Goods)  transportation, safety, and the transportation regulations.  Receive it for free when you subscribe to The Hazmat 101 List.

The Hazmat 101 ListTM is an email discussion list dedicated to hazardous materials (AKA dangerous Goods)  and transportation safety issues. If you are interested in learning about these important issues while sharing your knowledge with your colleagues in email discussions, this list is for YOU. Only members can take advantage of this resource. But don?t worry. Membership is free.

Hazmat 101 List Stewards: The Hazmat 101 list and its members wish to say thank you to those members who volunteer to serve as List Stewards. List Stewards take an active role in supporting and promoting the list and its members. Starting in 2002,  we identified the following functions for List Stewards: Backup List Facilitator, Topic Facilitator, and Hazmat 101 News Contributing Writer.

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How to seek help and personal advice: When you join The Hazmat101 List you will be receiving member's emails of questions, answers, and discussion about hazmat safety. If you need advice, you just need to describe the problem, the issue or the item you want in an email and post it the list. You also want to explain the current status and your initial thoughts. You can always count on actionable suggestions.

How to share your knowledge: When you join The Hazmat101 List, you will be able to share your knowledge and expertise with people  who care about hazmat safety. If you have advice or information you want to share, just post it to the list, reply to posted messages, or join the discussion.

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My goal for creating The Hazmat 101 Web (tm) site and the Hazmat101 List (tm) is  to help individuals know more, do more, and share more in order to improve hazmat transportation safety and prevention.

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